More Than Just a Name

NTruth Handmade Yarn Scarve

Please give a detailed desciption that lists color(s), quantity and any other important info to assist us with fulfillment of this order.


Handmade yarn scarve.  This scarve is produced when ordered.  

Production months for this yarn scarve is August 15th through March 15th (we will make accommodations outside of the stated production months, please contact us).

The single yarn scarve is $40.00.  To add one or more additional color(s) please add $5.00 per color desired.  

  • A scarve with two colors will cost $45 ($40 + $5).
  • A scarve with three colors will cost $50 ($40 + $5.00 + $5.00).
  • A scarve with four colors will cost $55 ($40 + $5 + $5 + $5). 

Caring for your Scarve

Hand wash in cold water.  Scarve must be hand washed in cold water or it will felt and shrink

Gently agitate the knitted item in the water. Never wring or scrub.

Drain the sink and add fresh, cold water for rinsing. Repeat this process until all the water is clear and free of suds.

Support the item from underneath as you transfer it to a dry towel.

Gently remove excess water and lay item flat on a dry, absorbent towel and roll up in the towel, pressing firmly as you roll. Do not wring the towel.